Sweet-N-Evil - Tracey Lepore

Insanity's Door - Buy Insanity's Door
Sex Play - Buy Sex Play
Present Past - Buy Present Past
Sweet Revenge - Buy Sweet Revenge
Pump It Up 1 - Pump It Up 1
The Insane Song - Buy The Insane Song
Revelations - Buy Revelations
Public Enemy - Buy Public Enemy
Empty Love - Buy Empty Love
Loose Ends - Buy Loose Ends
Buried Alive - Buy Buried Alive
Lives Of My Day - Buy Lives Of My Day
Pump It Up 2 - Pump It Up 2
Idle Threats - Buy Idle Threats
Other Side - Buy Other Side
Touch Me - Buy Touch Me
Take Me - Buy Take Me
Daddy's Girl - Buy Daddy's Girl
Never Again - Buy Never Again
Buried Alive - Buy Buried Alive
Cradle Robber - Buy Cradle Robber
Vampires Of Injustice - Buy Vampires Of Injustice
When Love Is Gone - Buy When Love Is Gone
Why Do You Use Me? - Buy Why Do You Use Me?
Drastic Times - Buy Drastic Times
Watch Me - Buy Watch Me
Memories - Buy Memories
Strange - Buy Strange
Show and Tell - Buy Show and Tell

All songs written by Saltzgiver/Lepore, except Sex Play written by Rich/Lepore/Saltzgiver, Loose Ends written by Lepore/Michaels, Public Enemy written by Michaels

Funeral Dirge
Written and Performed by Saltzgiver

Video Trailer
Written and Performed by Saltzgiver