Fender Champion 600 MODDED


Gallien Krueger 400B – 1977


Fender Champion 600
The Fender Champion Amp is a 5W tube guitar amplifier with a 6-inch speaker and 1950 “two tone” cosmetics. This simple tribute to the cute and collectible 1949-53-era Fender guitar amplifier makes small-room sessions lots of fun! Originally intended as a student model, the Champion Amp (also known as the Champ) has also been employed by many professionals for its low output, easy-to-record capabilities. Fender has added a higher-gain preamp circuit to take the overdriven tone beyond that of the original, and a choice of High- or Low-gain inputs. An internal speaker output jack allows the use of a larger speaker cabinet.

The original Champion 600 had a low-gain preamp with 6SJ7 tube; the 12AX7 and associated tone circuitry lets the amp be driven harder for more overdrive.

5W tube power amplifier driving a 6-inch speaker provides perfect low volume for practice or recording.

Internal speaker can be disconnected, allowing amp to be used with a larger external speaker cabinet.

Two inputs (Instrument And Microphone)
Control: Volume

These are the mods:

  • 2.7K 1/2-Watt Resistor
  • 30K 1/2-Watt Resistor
  • 220K 1-Watt Resistor
  • .68uF 100V Polyester Capacitor
  • 500pF 500V Silver-Mica Capacitor
  • Weber Alnico Signature 6“ speaker
  • 12AX7 Tung-Sol
  • 6V6 Tube Electro-Harmonix
  • New Grill Cloth

The Champion 600 sounded OK out of the box, but these changes have mad this a great sounding, powerful 5W amp. It breaks up about 6 and sounds incredible. Plug in a Strat and the cleans are exactly what you’d expect out of a Fender tube amp. Plug in a Les Paul Junior with a P90 and blow out the windows!

Additional information

Weight 160 oz
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 12 in


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