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Wing-Bat by Hallmark Guitars

Hallmark Wing-Bat Guitar

The perfect Collectible for a Batman Fan/Guitar player. The initial run of 100 Wing-Bats was produced in 2009. They were endorsed by George Barris, maker on the ’66 TV Show Batmobile. In 2017, a second, and final run of 100, were produced, with the exact specs as the first run. This particular Wing-Bat is Serial […]

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Beatles Hot Wheels Yellow Submarine - Sweet N Evil

Hot Wheels – Beatles Yellow Submarine

I spotted this last week at Walmart. Unfortunately, it didn’t have any of the Beatles Hot Wheels in it. I have been on the lookout, but have only been able to find 3. The set consists of: Yellow Submarine Yellow Submarine – Bump Around John Lennon – Cockney Cab II Paul McCartney – Fish’D N […]

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Plasmatics - Wendy O Williams - Sweet N Evil

Plasmatics – Chainsaws, Shotguns & Rock N Roll

The Plasmatics were a punk rock band that was put together by conceptual artist Rod Swenson. Wendy O. Williams answered a casting call ad for for Rod’s theater show Captain Kink’s Sex Fantasy Theater. In 1977 Wendy and Rod began auditioning potential band members, and in 1978 The Plasmatics debuted at CBGB in NYC. This […]

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Beatles - Yesterday and Today - Promo - Sweet N Evil

Beatles Yesterday and Today – Promo

I’ve always said that collecting records is like 1 big treasure hunt. One again, that was the case.  While looking through crates of old records, I came across The Beatles Yesterday and Today. Of course my first thought is “Butcher Cover”, but no such luck. However, this is even more rare. It’s a drill cut […]

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Autographed Kiss Solo Albums - Sweet N Evil

Kiss Solo Albums – AUTOGRAPHED

How often do you com across a complete set of Kiss solo albums? Not very often, that’s how often. Now… how many times do you come across a complete set of Kiss solo albums that are autographed? How about… ah…never! Well, look what we have here… a complete set of autographed Kiss solo albums! Autographed […]

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1966 Kay K1160 - Sweet N Evil

1966 Kay K1160 Parlor Guitar

A true Closet Classic! This is as good as it gets! This 1966 K1160 Parlor Guitar is in beautiful condition. The neck is solid. There are no cracks, as well as no repairs. After I got it, I replaced the strings and gave it a set up. I can’t believe how well this baby plays. […]

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