Rhiannon – Merch

Rhiannon has always been about promotion, whether with Sweet N Evil, or throughout her modeling. She always had her eye on promoting herself and the magazines she was associated with.

When Rhiannon participated in any event, whether hers, something else like a radio promotion, or just attending the AVNs, she always gave her all. She never turned a fan away – and there were a lot of them.

The CES/AVN convention in Las Vegas is held at the Venetian Convention Center. To get to the entrance of the convention center, you have to walk down a very long hallway. It would take her up to 2 full hours, just to get to the gate, due to her taking pictures, signing autographs and just talking with fans. She never left a fan feeling anything but appreciated.

On one occasion she was asked to appear at K-ROCK event at the New York Hard Rock Cafe with the Radio Chick. She did a brief performance on stage with a Penthouse Pet of the Year. When it was finished, the Pet retired to the VIP section while Rhiannon spent the rest of the evening going through the packed house signing autographs, taking pictures and meeting the people.

She always had some type of Merch to hand out, from 8×10 glossies, to magazines, to t-shirts. No fan ever walked away empty handed. Now, you can get much of that Merch right here.

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