Gallien Krueger 400B & 4412H – 1977


Gallien Krueger 400B – 1977

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Gallien Krueger 400B – 1977
This is the first bass amp with a “Contour” switch, and is also the predecessor to the GK400RB.

Features 2 inputs, normal and bright, input attenuator for passive/active instruments, contour switch to boost highs and lows, treble, mid high, mid low, bass, boost to increase gain, and master volume. It has the normal wear and scratches than you would expect for the amp’s age.

250 watts into 4 ohms. Simple, great sounding discrete power amp design, op-amp design pre-amp stages, it is close to bullet-proof! Lightweight and it has that classic GK sound.

This amp is voiced beautifully for bass guitar, John Paul Jones did use one of these with Zeppelin after all.

Gallien Krueger 4412H
Four 12’s in a folded horn configuration and two 10’s front firing. Four ohms, 250 watts RMS. About the size of an Ampeg 8×10.
Punchy as hell, this is a long throw cabinet that sounds loud on stage, and really loud out front.

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Weight 16000 oz
Dimensions 28 × 18 × 56 in


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