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Is there any such thing as “Too many guitars”? I think not. Vintage guitars are truly a thing of beauty. Even the most basic Les Paul Junior is a marvel of engineering. The sounds that be elicited from a chunk of wood and a few spools of wire is truly amazing, especially in the hands of someone like Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen and so many others.

When Leo Fender created the first commercially available electric guitar, he really didn’t have the sounds of players over the past 50 years in mind. He put hours of work into making a clean, un-distorted sound, with both his guitars and amps. Once guitar players figured out that by over-driving the amplifier, they could get this incredible distorted sound, rock and roll would never be the same.

Used Guitars actually get better with age, so finding a vintage guitar in good shape can actually be a religious experience.

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