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TV Memorabilia is a huge part of Pop Culture. Those of us that were born in the late 50s have parents who didn’t even have a TV growing up. I still remember when my family got our first color TV in about 1965. Many of the TV shows from the early, to mid-60s, produced their first season or two in black and white, because many households still had black and white TV sets. And our channel choices were pretty much limited ABC, CBS, NBC and a few local stations. I was lucky enough to grow up with WGN in Chicago, that had some great kids programming. Bozo’s Circus, every day at noon… but I digress, such a great time to be a kid.

At about that same time kids were starting to have a few bucks to buy toys, action figures and trading cards, so manufacturers began producing items that catered to the new market. The Batman TV show, Saturday Morning Cartoons, and other TV shows were responsible for tons of TV Collectibles.

Sweet N Evil will be adding a lot more TV Memorabilia as time goes on, so make sure to add us to your bookmarks.

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