Collectible Toys

Collectible Toys… where do we start? Collectible Toys can be anything from Playschool pull toys to GI Joes to Hot Wheels to Beanie Babies to Mego Dolls to Barbies. The list is virtually endless.

I began collecting things that I had when I was a kid – Captain Action, Johnny West, Major Matt Mason, Zeroids and so much more – , and soon, it was an obsession. Garage sales, clearance isles, pawn shops and the Good Will became regular stops, until you I boxes of cool stuff… which I still do. It was truly a treasure hunt, because on any given day, you could come across some really valuable, and I’m not talking about money-wise… although that happens too, I’m talking about good feeling, heart string, memory-wise. It’s a wonderful feeling… and then you, more often than not, put it in a box. I have millions of those surprise discoveries!

Well, it’s gotten to the time when I need to narrow down my collection to things that really mean something to me. Me thinning, is your potential gain. I will be adding many new items over time, so please keep watching… you never know when one of your lost memories may pop up!

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